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Lila and three hounds Lila and pup Lila and Janine Lila, Eta and Wilhelmina
Lila and Janine Lila, handler and hound Lila and Janine
Lila Wadsworth has shared her heart and her home with Afghan Hounds since 1950.
Lila and Janine's pups She bred her first litter in 1957 and ten years later her search for the ideal Afghan Hound led her to the Oranje Manege kennel of Eta Pauptit in Holland, where she found a line of magnificent Afghan Hounds. Consistent in type, temperament and soundness, they had powerful free-floating movement and clearly reflected the intelligence and independence necessary for hunting hounds.

From 1967 to the present time the breeding program at House of Oranje has been focused on preservation and continuation of the Oranje Manege (OM) line and type in America.

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